Before you begin a projects or create a website, please talk to us and describe what you are going to do. A few hours of talk may help you a lot to see what is the best practice, who is the right person/company to work with and what ideal team, cost and strategy to move your business the fastest and furthest.

We’ll ask you to answer some questions and we talk based on your answers on skype or at coworking spaces.

Project review, theme review

If you have problems with your WordPress sites, describe what they are and let us suggest how to solve them. The solution can be around your theme, plugins, host, team or other customization.

Shinichi Nishikawa was recently assigned to a key reviewer in the WordPress Theme Review team. When you are not sure whether your theme is created good and secure, we can review your theme and make suggestions.

Contents translation, contents creation for Japanese market

We are Japanese and we have worked for many Japanese companies. We know how to gain important presence in Japanese market. We have a translator/editor in my team, who can translate your existing contents, create contents for your business and hire the right person to market your business in Japanese market.

We can make a whole website into Japanese version, too.

WordPress maintenance

Keeping WordPress up to date is the responsibility of the site owner.

It’s important for your business, for your customers and for the whole internet.

WordPress hosting and backup

Fast and stable server and regular backup will let you concentrate on the content and business.

WordPress Customization

We begin with talking and seeing what are needed and create the whole site.